Bosco Eliceo Fortana


It is the still wine made from the native grape variety of the Bosco Eliceo zone. The grapes for this wine are harvested as late as possible to enable their bouquet and colour to mature fully. Unlike its sparkling counterpart, it should be served at a temperature of 16-18 °C. Alcohol content 11.5%.

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Bosco Eliceo Fortana

Grape variety:Fortana 100%
Soil:90% sandy
Area of production:Bosco Eliceo zone (Po Delta)
Micro-zone:soils adjacent to the Abbey of Pomposa
Vine density:5,000 vines / ha
Harvest:late October
Vinification:fermentation in steel tanks temperature-controlled with repeated remontages
Aging process:exclusively in steel
Bottle aging:3 months in glass
Average production:8,000 bottles