Bosco Eliceo merlot


An international variety that has adapted well to sandy soils. It is a wine that combines the classic mellow tannins of the variety with the characteristic minerality imparted by the soil. The result is an elegant, sapid, velvety wine that pairs well with full-flavoured red meat dishes. Alcohol content 13.5% vol. Serving temperature 16-18 °C.

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Bosco Eliceo merlot

Grape variety:Merlot 100%
Soil:90% sandy
Area of production:coastal area of the Basso Ferrarese (Po Delta)
Micro-zone:Soils adjacent to the Abbey of Pomposa
Vine density:5,000 vines / ha
Harvest:first ten days of September
Vinification::temperature-controlled fermentation in steel tanks with repeated remontages
Aging process:exclusively in steel
Bottle aging:month of April
Average production:8,000 bottles