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  • Terroir

    Sand, warm and mists

    Sand, warm and mists, these are the identifying characteristics of the area of Bosco Eliceo.

    In this context, it was inevitable to create a very special connection between vine and environment, which in the centuries has given a wine called familiarly “vino di bosco” (literally: “wine of the forest”) or “vino di sabbia” (“sand wine”).

    This is one of the few areas in Europe where the vines have survived the phylloxera scourge, as in sandy soils this insect is unable to damage the roots. This allows the cultivation of a particular kind of vine called “franco di piede”, which means natural roots without wild grafting.

    A distinguishing feature of the territory is represented by “cords of marine dunes” having arisen from the change of the coastline in different historical periods, which have sandy soils (up to 95% sand) and shallow groundwaters, ideal places for the cultivation of vineyards.

    As for the climate, this area is one of the hottest in Emilia Romagna but the proximity of the sea allows a good temperature range between day and night, which is a positive factor for the formation and maintenance of aromatic grapes.